1. Built-in stand for reading materials. Ergo Desk maintains the optimal reading distance and position to reduce eye strain. Our patented fold-away reading shelf supports even the largest of books, and tips quietly out of the way when you need a lower profile for meetings.
  2. Beautiful hardwood in a range of colors. Ergo Desk is an heirloom-quality piece of furniture handcrafted from sustainable Western Red Alder, with distinctive lines and elegant finishing touches.
  3. Posture-perfect writing surface. Slanted writing surface reduces neck, upper back and shoulder tension by creating an upright, balanced posture.
  4. Pencil, paper ledge. Low-profile ledge at base holds pencils, keeps papers and files in place.
  5. Collapses for quick portability. The Ergo Desk folds up to go anywhere; easily adjustable to four angles (15-22 degrees) for personalized comfort.
  6. Handy storage area. Store books and papers under the writing surface. Ergo Desk actually creates more space on your desk!

You can use your Ergo Desk in an infinite number of ways at home, work, school, the library, your favorite coffee shop, or wherever you need a convenient place to set up and reduce neck, back, and eye strain.

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